Cone Crusher Overview

At present, our company has developed five models series cone crusher which be called HST, HPT, HPC, CS and PY series cone crusher. The following describes the differences between these five models of the machine.

HST series single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher (HST Cone Crusher) uses of hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic protection, omitting the adjustment ring, support ring components and the spring member spring type is complex, the equipment structure is simplified, the cone crusher machine weight lighter. And the whole row ore mouth only operated control valve hydraulic system can complete the adjustment procedures, such as encountered iron clamped, simply by cone upper and lower lifting can be ruled out control operated hydraulic valve operation, reducing labor intensity and difficulty of technology.

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HPT series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher (HPT Cone Crusher) has the same structure and the same crushing theory as traditional HPC series multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher (HPC Cone Crusher), They all through using the special lamination principle design of crushing cavity intergranular, replace the traditional single particle crushing principle, realizing the selective crushing of material, broken granularity even, But HPT series cone crusher strengthens the performance of driving device and sealing service.

CS series spring cone crusher (CS Cone Crusher) and PY series spring cone crusher (PY Cone Crusher) are one of the most widely used , because of its stable performance, especially the overload protective device for spring insurance system and make the iron through the crushing chamber without damage to equipment, sealing the unique system of powder and oil isolation, which can guarantee the equipment can work reliably.

Cone Crusher Wear Parts And Components

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Since the cone crusher poor working conditions, the spindle in production required by large impact loads, as well as the spindle and cone with improper installation, generate a lot of stress concentration, or have too large nuggets into the crushing chamber, which have It may make the cone crusher spindle break. In order to increase the strength of the cone crusher spindle, the spindle can be bold, but in order to ensure the overall size does not increase, the use of the vertebral body as a whole with the spindle hollow shaft, a lower portion of a larger inner diameter of the cylindrical drum thereby greatly increased strength without increasing spindle body dimensions. On the other hand, in the structure of the spindle design, should be adopted as a whole hollow spindle structure in order to improve the strength and stiffness of the spindle, did not create the conditions for a labyrinth seal.