stone crusher

Stone Crusher Overview

As we all know, stone crusher includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and sand making machine ect. Different model stone crusher has different usge and crushing method.

Stone Crusher Usage

Stone Crusher Used In Beneficiation Industry

Beneficiation industry is closely related to the stone crusher,Firstly, it crushes the raw ores of mineral resources. The common is secondary crushing basically. And then transport the ores with fit size to the roller for magnetic separation. The ores of being unable to satisfy the requirement or stones with less ore content will be thrown off by the centrifugal force.

Stone Crusher Used In Handle Rubbishes

In recent years, the application of stone crushers in rubbish handling attracts insiders' concerns.Many wastes turn into "wealth" after crushed by the machines. Those wastes having permitted conditions can make resource recycling. Insiders analyze that the application of stone crushers in construction waste will be a bright development industry.

stone crusher crushing method described

Although many types of stone crusher machine , There are extrusion, bending, impact, cut and grind crushing method based on material crushed.

Crushed : the material is placed between two face after applying pressure , the material reaches its compressive stress due to be crushed by machines, this method is generally suitable for crushing bulk materials .

Impact crusher : Material be broken by the impact force when the crushing force of its instantaneous action , its high crushing efficiency , large crushing ratio , energy consumption is small .

Fold crushed : Material be broken by bending stress . Material to be broken to withstand concentrated loads Charpy or two fulcrum fulcrum beam bending stress when the material reaches the bending strength of stone crusher , he incurs broken and crushed .

Grated : When under certain pressure and shear forces between the working surface material and the movement , its ultimate shear strength of the shear stress reaches the material , the material will be crushed ; shear or friction material between each other , and grinding leaving the role of material crushed.

Chipping : As the material between a plane and working plane with a sharp edge when working with sharp edges face material extrusion , the material will be split along the direction of the pressure lines. Splitting tensile stress is due to the cleavage planes on the tensile strength of the material reaches or exceeds the limit . Ultimate elongation of the material is much smaller than the maximum compressive strength . Crushing ratio and unit power consumption is stone crusher to work the basic technical and economic indicators .