Jigging Machine For Sale

Jig is fixed sieve style for sorting metal ores, such as tungsten, gold-bearing sands, picked tin, etc. Each for chosen fine material can also be employed to pick the coarse material, the largest ore particle size of 6-8mm, but in individual circumstances sorting placer, the utmost particle dimension of 12mm.

Jigging machine for sale are deep grooves sorting operations, which use water since the mineral medium, the usage of the difference within the proportion of chosen mineral gangue, sorting, jigger mainly diaphragm, stroke and stroke fee depending on the proportion of picked minerals, could be flexibly adjusted, widely used in tungsten, tin, gold, red, brown iron, manganese, titanium, antimony, lead, tantalum, niobium together with other metal gravity separation.

Advanced Jigging Machine For Sale In India

Jigging method refers for the vertical pulsating medium, in accordance to differences in particle density within the program of coal. Jigging medium is water or air, but additionally with person suspension. Presently, coal to a maximum hydraulic jigging. Jig Jig may be the utilization of the principle of separation will be chosen in accordance to your density on the size of picked raw coal, coal gangue and coal items, this kind of as tools operation of your jig within the stable, once the acceptable matching of many elements, it really should be as stable as you can, so as to stabilize the process conditions to acquire the most effective feasible separation efficiency.

Jigging Machine For Sale Technology

Jigging result is very good or lousy depends largely over the process utilized. jigging machine for sale approach to get a specific degree of flexibility, the improvement is determined by the traits of the raw materials, the user with the merchandise good quality requirements and jigger their overall performance. Easy dealing with coal or customers in the products excellent requirements are lower, is usually a uncomplicated approach. Refractory raw coal with improved ranges and merchandise quality prerequisites enhance, to a additional complicated course of action.

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