Pozzolana Cement Production Line

People who understand the process of pozzolana cement production line, cement production will mention talking about “two grinding one burn” and what is “two grinding one burn” mean?

“Two grind one burning” means: raw material preparation, clinker, cement grinding. Chalk is the main ingredient for the production of pozzolana cement, that’s what we call raw materials. The material was sent to the crusher, where the grinding or hammering into pieces. In the factory crusher, fine material used to make high-quality mix. Clinker consists of three steps: drying or heating, shoot and shoot. Remove from clinker clinker silo and sent to the tray, and the relationship between the gypsum and additives are mixed into the pozzolana cement production line made ​​ground.

New Dry Pozzolana Cement Production Line Process

The production process of pozzolana cement is the main production process of cement industry today, there is a major breakthrough in technology and raw materials clinker calcination process, significantly reducing the heat consumption of clinker clinker production quality has improved significantly, but the heart of the production process is still “two grinding one burn” Production process cement. Pozzolana cement production line of cement plants are a great combination of mechanical, ball mill, cement rotary kiln cement plants and other equipment in a complete cement production.

Energy-saving Pozzolana Cement Production Line

Processing equipment including cement: cement mill, cement rotary kiln, preheater cyclones, cooling grate. Cement ball mill is widely used in cement, silicate products. Cement kilns can be a good pozzolana cement production line raw materials at very high temperatures to be clinker cake. Dryer can dry various materials. Cyclone preheater is suitable for a wide range of supporting the use of grid quenching cooling chillers, cooling gas.

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