Roller Mill For Sale

Roller mill for grinding medium hardness material, which include bituminous coal, especially for big numbers of favourable burning bituminous coal pulverizing program of direct blow. The aircraft additionally towards the general roller mill for sale unit energy consumption, tiny footprint, milling technique is easy, very low noise, trusted operation, it also has a significant, long-life crush than milled elements, the whole operation cycle smaller changes in output, a wide selection of supplies suitable for substantial and have excellent applicability of other exclusive strengths at low loads.

Roller Mill work Principle

The coal in the center in the roller mill for sale fell off the rotating grinding ring, beneath the impact of centrifugal force, grinding coal for the periphery of your ring to move into roller mill grinding location, beneath the action from the clamping force, coal being squeezed and ground, pulverized coal is pulverized into. Hot air in the lower part of the roller mill for sale, the ring spiraling by the air. And overflow from the grinding ring periphery of your powder mixture of pulverized coal gas formation, play drying and conveying pulverized coal result. Coal particles carried by scorching air rises, heavier coarse coal particles collide from the liner dress in in situation of return grinding ring regrinding; lighter fine coal particles to the upper casing by means of the grinding zone choice powder inside.

Roller Mill applications

Applicable to steel mills, thermal power plants, cement plants huge coal preparation and coal gangue powder manufacturing yield;

For industrial flue fuel desulphurization and waste utilization roller mill;

Applicable to non-metallic mineral ore roller mill for sale;

Ideal for steel slag and blast furnace slag, fly ash and slag grinding plants;

Production of chemical raw products for any variety of big powder production in the chemical field.

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