Used Small Hammer Crusher

p>Milling cutter with the workpiece used small hammer crusher. used small hammer crusher together with milling plane, groove, teeth, thread and spline shaft, but also processing more complicated kind surface planer higher efficiency than in machinery manufacturing and restore sectors are widely utilized.

used small hammer crusher

used small hammer crusher is suitable for numerous rod cutter, circular cutter, angle milling cutters to your plane, bevel, groove and so on. For those who use a universal milling head, round table, when indexing prime milling attachments, you can increase the machining range. The machine has ample rigidity and power, features a powerful processing capacity, high speed and heavy duty cutting operate, gear cutting. For mold particular steel processing, mining equipment, industrial equipment and various heavy huge machining. used small hammer crusher table to your left and correct of each rotation 45 °, rotation angle when the table, working with dividing head attachment, can method a variety of spiral surface. Universal Milling feed screw for your three-way trapezoidal screw or ball screw.

used small hammer crusher Attributes

1. the usage of high-strength material casting, and right after artificial aging treatment method to make certain long-term stability on the machine employed.

2. with three supporting structure, method rigidity spindle, sturdy bearing capacity and spindle braking, brake torque, quit immediately and reliably.

3. table horizontal rotation angle ± 45 °, expanding the machining range ten thousand.

4. rapid feed can immediately reach the workpiece machining position, processing hassle-free, lessen non-productive time.

5. with forced lubrication, improved accuracy, lengthen tool existence.

6. used small hammer crusher ergonomic style and design, easy to operate.

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